Giving Thanks for Our Abundant Outdoor Spaces


If there’s one thing we learned over the last couple years, it’s how much we have come to appreciate the opportunities to get outdoors and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Springtime is packed with activities in which to participate to take advantage of the cool morning air and the warm pleasant afternoons. The shorter days may curtail our time to kayak, golf, or hike but we adapt by spending more time enjoying the clear night skies and sounds of the forest in the evenings with friends.

Our region offers endless miles of trails and neighborhood roads for scenic & recreational hiking. The wide variety of terrain and surfaces offer something for everyone and every kill level.

The mountain bike/walking trails the the state parks in Hickory Knob, Baker Creek, & Elijah Creek State Parks, the wilderness trails in SLV, and the Savannah Valley Rail Trail provide plenty of opportunities to get off the beaten path and explore the forest & lakeshore. Additionally, the surrounding Sumter National  Forest offers Forest Service roads to walk, bike, or even play on your ATV.

Prefer to stick to the pavement? There are over 90 miles of roads in Savannah Lakes Village alone where you may safely travel be foot. Additionally, there are two golf course cart paths you may walk when the courses are closed to play (at least one day each week). Walking buddies are often only a few doors away and groups like the outdoor adventure club organize hikes and paddle trips.

If this all sounds too rugged for your tastes, you may prefer to try your hand at one of the 4 local (and challenging) golf courses, tennis or pickleball courts, or just enjoy the outdoor pool of lake.

Come enjoy with us!

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