Plan a Great Vacation

Beach Chair

Time for a vacation? Start planning now to have a great experience when you take a break from your daily routines. I have to admit that sometimes the best part of a vacation is the planning part. This is a time of anticipation of the events to come. Plan your dates well in advance and enjoy this part of your vacation.

Make sure to enjoy the little things in a vacation. It is often better to have many smaller experiences than to have one grand trip. You should also try to get as many days away as possible. The first few days are where you get a chance to unwind from the trip preparation and settling in. While the balance of the trip is set for relaxing and enjoying.

Vacations offer a wonderful chance to try new things. Break away from your routines and try kayaking or hiking in surroundings different from where you live. Fill your days with activities you enjoy like reading, relaxing by the lake, floating on a raft, etc. Enjoy time with your loved ones and show them a special time.

Make sure to manage your chores. You will still have daily chores like preparing & cooking meals, drying swimsuits & towels, and sweeping the sand from the floors, but take the time to spread the work load to others in your group. Don’t be the person making lunch and dinner while everybody else is swimming. Staying away from your work email inbox may seem impossible but reducing the amount of time you “check in” will help to reduce stress and let you keep control over your day.

When your vacation draws to an end, make sure to reflect on the time you spent away and share those memories with others. The more you share, the longer you will remember you great vacation.

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