5 Things We Love About May

Springtime in the lake area is wonderful but May doesn’t come soon enough as it is the official start of the summer season. Farmer’s markets, boating, swimming, and outdoor gatherings all become commonplace and are on the schedule so we don’t miss a day. Below are a few things we love about May on Lake Thurmond.

  • Farmer’s markets open this month.  Each town in the area schedules their farmers market on a different day of the week.  This gives the buyer a chance to purchase fresh, locally grown fruit & vegetables several times a week, rather than only on Saturday when all markets are typically open.
  • Paddle events begin in earnest this month.  The Savannah Lakes Village Outdoor Adventure Club will offer several opportunities to get out and enjoy your kayak or paddleboard. These events include kayaking to the Blue Heron Rookery & moonlight paddle on the evening of the full moon.  They even host a training day for those new or unfamiliar with the paddle sports. 
  • The outdoor pool opens at the Recreation Center in SLV.  It is also the time we begin to swim and gather at our favorite coves on the lake. Lake temperatures are now in the low 70s (a little chilly for this southerner) but will be in the mid 80s by the end of the month. The early part of the month kicks off our weekly SOS (Sunsets on the Savannah) meetup where we pack small, shareable dinner items and enjoy the sunset with our lake friends.
  • Summer officially begins in May. We have already seen daytime highs in the low 90s and spending time with friends and neighbors on our porches well into the evening. It is something I look forward to every year.
  • Gardening! New gardens bring wonderful treats throughout the season. Fresh lettuce is ready now and is a spring staple before it gets too hot to grow. Our blueberry plants will be loaded with ripe berries in the next few weeks followed by tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and finally melons.  Biting into a freshly ripened tomato is a treat that takes me back to my childhood home in Pennsylvania.  

I love this time of year!

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